hey, I'm Chris 👋 
I'm a community builder & microsolidarity practitioner based in Tokyo. 
I create environments dedicated to authentic connection & personal growth.
what I'm up to
🎓 Master's student in ITOMA lab at Keio Graduate School of Media Design (KMD)
Researching and experimenting with microsolidarity to see how new kinds of intentional social configurations can foster belonging and make us more impactful in the world.
🏗️ Building KIZUNA Collective
Hosting events at cool venues around Tokyo to foster connection & curiosity. Our end goal is to create a community space called KIZUNA – a multipurpose 'community living room' dedicated to meaningful connection & inner development. More updates to come here as it unfolds!
🌍 Director at the Wakupro Foundation
Organizing events for young people around the world to form deep bonds of friendship and connect across cultures and borders.
Lately, my attention has been wandering between topics including: sustainable community, inner development, まちづくり, mutual aid, 4th places, decentralized governance, organizational design, metamodernism, breathwork, body intelligence, and how to make good coffee :^)
Some questions I'm engaging with:
Community building – what novel & radical ways of being together in community can help individuals come fully alive while making positive social impact?
Decentralization – how can we leverage distributed governance frameworks to empower groups & address deeply rooted economic and structural issues?
I occasionally write to think out loud. In my notes you'll find random musings.
Want to connect? Find me below on linkedin and insta. I'm always keen to meet and chat!